Juvenile work permit issuance : How to apply in Dubai


It is a service provided by the Ministry to any establishment wishing to authorize a person (PRO) to submit, follow up and execute its transactions at the Ministry. The PRO card shall be valid for two years (for UAE nationals and expatriates).

Required Documents

- The worker's valid passport copy.
- Valid residence visa copy for the applicant.
- The parent's/ guardian valid passport copy.
- Valid residence visa copy for the parent/ guardian.
- Application copy.
- Contract copy.
- A color photograph with a white background of the worker.
- A valid certificate of fitness issued from competent official health.
- Written consent of the juvenile's parent or guardian.

Terms And Conditions

- The foreign juvenile shall have a valid residence visa stamped in his passport.
- The juvenile's relatives shall have a valid residence visa.
- Approval of the juvenile's parent or guardian shall be obtained.
- The juvenile shall be medically fit.
- The juvenile's age shall not be below 15 years and shall not exceed 18 years.
- The permit shall be valid for a period not exceeding one year.
- Works to be assigned to the juvenile shall not be among those mentioned in the ministerial decree No. 1189 of 2010 in accordance with the enclosure.
- The license of the establishment submitting the application shall be valid and free from any violations.
- The establishment shall have an e-signature card at the Ministry.

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