PRO Card Issuance : How to apply in Dubai


It is a service provided by the Ministry to any establishment wishing to authorize a person (PRO) to submit, follow up and execute its transactions at the Ministry. The PRO card shall be valid for two years (for UAE nationals and expatriates).

Required Documents

- Copy of the labour card (for UAE national or expatriate PRO)
- Copy of the UAE national PRO's passport and family book.
- Copy of the expatriate PRO's passport and residence visa.
- Valid certificate of good conduct.
- Copies of the valid business licenses and signature specimen cards of the employer's establishments.

Terms And Conditions

- The PRO shall have a residence visa registered with the establishment (for expatriate PRO).
- The card and residency visa shall be valid (for expatriate PRO).
- Only UAE female nationals are allowed to apply for the PRO job.
- The PRO shall not be below the age of 18 years.
- For establishments with 100 workers or above, the UAE national PRO shall represent one employer, while he shall represent two employers having establishments with less than 100 workers.
- The PRO shall be a UAE or GCC national in case that the number of workers registered at the establishment is 100 workers or above.
- UAE national PRO need to be registered in the Pensions Authority.

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