New Work Permit Issuance : How to apply in Dubai


It is a service provided by the Ministry to any establishment wishing to employ a worker from inside or outside the country.

Required Documents

- Color photograph with a white background of the worker
- Copy of the worker's passport
- If academic qualification is required (post-secondary diploma, university degree or equivalent), a copy thereof which should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be attached.
- Letter of approval issued by the competent entity shall be attached if so required (physician, pharmacist, nurse, and teacher)

Terms And Conditions

- The establishment shall have an approval for a quota of electronic work permits.
- The worker required to be recruited shall not have a valid work permit/ labour card.
- The passport of the required worker shall be valid for minimum 6 months.
- The worker shall not be below the age of 18 years.
- The profession assigned to the worker shall be commensurate with the establishment's activity.
- The license of the establishment shall be valid and free from any violations.
- The authorized signatory shall hold an e-signature card.

N.B: The work permit shall be valid for a period of 60 days, which may be extended six times provided the following:
- The approval fees and bank guarantee shall be paid within the 60-day validity period
- AED 500 shall be paid for every 10 days to be calculated from the date of original expiry or the extended expiry date.
- If such fees and bank guarantee are not paid within 60 days, then the permit will be automatically cancelled. In such case, the customer shall resubmit the transaction.

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